ROZAL, SITOY Bag Regional MTAP Championship Award

mtap zaltoyDJ O. Rozal and Olivert M. Sitoy of Bukidnon National High School were declared the champion in the Metrobank MTAP Regional Finals on February 20, 2015 at Regional Education Learning Center (RELC). It was participated by fourteen divisions in Region X.

The 14 divisions in Region X were represented by their respective division MTAP winners. Rozal and Sitoy represented the Division of Malaybalay City after winning the Division Level MTAP Challenge championship held last February 4, 2015 at Casisang National High School, Malaybalay City.

This is the first time the Division of Malaybalay City garnered the championship in both oral team competition and in individual written challenge. The highest score in the oral challenge was hit by the two boys whereas the written challenge was solely reaped by Rozal.

They both won a trophy and cash prize. “It was a lucky day for us and God helped us achieve our desire to be the champion”, Rozal said. Bagging the MTAP Regional championship Award is a realization of Rozal’s dream to complete the array of MTAP championship awards collection since Grade I until Third Year. He is a consistent. This significant achievement added prestige to the school and the division.

The MTAP players were under the tutelage of Mrs. Arlene C. Gantalao, their Mathematics teacher with the support of Mrs. Carmen Zita B. Haguingan, the Mathematics Department Chairman, Mrs.Imelda S. Bentillo, Education Program Supervisor in Mathematics, accompanied the team to the regional challenge.

The Metrobank MTAP DepEd Math Challenge is a yearly national synchronized competition sponsored by the MEtrobank Foundation Inc (MBFI), Mathematics Teacher Association of the Phillippines (MTAP) in coordination with the Department of Education. The major objective of this competition is to contribute in improving the quality of Mathematics Education in the Philippines.

The competitions also aim to 1.) awaken the greater interest in Mathematics among elementary and high school students from both public and private schools all over the country,2.) encourage mastery in mathematical skills, 3.) develop the values of hardwork, perseverance, honesty, teamwork and sportsmanship and 4.) provide them with opportunities in leadership and cooperative undertaking.

There were two phases, the written elimination round and the final oral round where all schools both private and public in elementary and high school level compete. This school year the eliminations in the elementary level were held in different contest venues by cluster to provide easy access to the participating schools.

The eliminations were held on January 13 & 14, for elementary and secondary respectively. In elementary level only 20 schools qualified for the final round and 8 schools for the high school. The final round was held last February 3, at Malaybalay City Central School for elementary and February 4, for the secondary at Bukidnon National High School.

Through MTAP, the mathematical skills of students were enhanced and their love of “numbers were fostered, thereby improving the quality of Mathematics Education.           

by: Arlene Carpentero-Gantalao
      SST 3, Bukidnon National High School