S.T.E.P. Up

As teachers, we are faced with many challenges everyday. From waking up early to prepare for the class to going home late to finish the daily tasks.  Nevertheless, the job is very rewarding to see our students graduate and proceed to their next journey of learning. Can we allow ourselves to be left behind? How about challenging ourselves to also continue our journey towards professional education?

Let me share to you how I was able to STEP up and hopefully you can also find your way in your own journey.

Simplify.  There are many graduate courses available in different colleges and universities but I chose a degree which is aligned with my specialization. Whenever I am given research assignments, I prefer a coverage that is easier to find based on familiarity.  Aside from concentrating Sports and Physical Education in college, I was given the chance to apply my learning through teaching in class. Thus, expertise in the subject matter had allowed me to make learning easier.

Time Management.  In performing different roles in a week it is vital to develop strategies to manage time. I had made a to-do list and prioritized the tasks at hand.  A lot of opportunities are given at work and in class but I had learned to say “no” to tasks that are not attainable given the time constraint. And when I have a waiting time, I try to use that time reading for my research or preparing for my class.

Excitement. It is vital to be engaged in something that I am passionate about. Travelling to and from school every week, reading pages and pages of reference materials, writing research assignments will easily tire me if I don’t have the motivation to continue. So as much as I can, I need to give a positive attitude to everything that I am tasked to do, continue to be inspired by my family and to be always be excited.

Perseverance. It is not all the time that everything is going my way but I have remained committed to my goal. As the great Muhammad Ali said “Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion”. 

I have simplified my learning, managed my time, remained excited and persevered in order for me to finish my master’s degree. But a long way is still ahead and I may need to step up again.  May this give insights to all aspiring teachers to continue their academic aspirations. No matter how different the approaches may be, what is important is, we STEP Up to be better.

Ranier M. Rosalejos
Teacher II, Casisang SHS