Self-Efficacy and Performance in the Workplace

Self-efficacy plays an important role in successfully achieving one’s goal in life. This concept was introduced by Albert Bandura in his social cognitive theory, which emphasizes the role of observational learning, social experience, and reciprocal determinism in developing a personality.  It is a part of the self-system comprised of a person’s attitudes, abilities, and cognitive skills. This system plays a major role in how we perceive situations and how we behave in response to different situations.

Alfred Bandura further  stated that  self-efficacy affects learning and performance in the workplace of an employees with a goal that influences the choice, degree of challenge and level of commitment. Thus, I personally believed that employees learning, and exerted effort affects his performance in any levels of consistency.

Moreover, it also affects employee’s resiliency in facing adverse situations for it influence how he responds to disappointment and to recover faster. Finally, it affects amount of stress tolerance and anxiety.

Therefore, to become emotionally resilient, once concept of self-efficacy should be developed along with the attitude of constant opening and desire to learn a lesson in every situation.

Administrative Aide