Seminar-Workshop on Enhancing Musical and Pedagogical Skills for Grades 1, 2 & 3 Teachers Conducted

music collageThe Division of Malaybalay City conducted a Seminar-Workshop on Enhancing Musical and Pedagogical Skills for Grades 1, 2,  and 3 Teachers teaching music under the K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum last November 6 – 7, 2014 at Roberto’s Place, Casisang, Malaybalay City.

The two-day seminar-workshop was participated by eighty five (85) grades 1, 2 and 3 teachers, district music and arts coordinators and grade level leaders from the six districts of the division. The main objectives is to provide teachers with a concrete understanding of the K to 12 Music Curriculum framework, learning standards, competencies and assessment; to adopt various approaches in music teaching strategies, instructional materials; and learn how to play musical instruments like guitar, ukulele and recorder while singing grades 1, 2 and 3 songs.

“Let’s bring back music in the classroom. As music teachers, the major goal is to bring back the joy of music inside the classroom and to help pupils developed the skills in listening, singing, performing and most of all experienced playing and using simple musical instruments”, as said Dr. Edilberto L. Oplenaria, Schools Division Superintendent in his message during the opening program last November 6, 2014.

During the plenary sessions, teachers had the chance to review the fundamentals/rudiments of music and Kodaly hand signals. Playing the instruments like: guitar, ukulele and the recorder challenged them most during the workshop proper.

The atmosphere is filled with music, everyone wanted to strum the guitar, tune the ukulele and blow one earliest wind instrument – the flute “recorder”. All of a sudden, acting like grade 1, 2 or 3 pupils. What an experience.  For a beginner, they find it difficult, but after learning the basic finger placements, proper blowing and fingering techniques in order to produce neat and quality sound, everybody was satisfied.

To rapture the monotony, the Superintendent shared his expertise in playing the ukulele as he entertained the participants with his songs together with Mr. Armand Anthony S. Valde.  

Equipped with the basic knowledge in playing guitar, ukulele and recorder; the two-day seminar workshop culminated with a showcase: Group 1 played “Mary had a little Lamb”, Group II was assigned to “Lightly Row”, while Group III showed their best in playing “Sitsiritsit”. To assess the performance of the group, Mrs. Jasmin J. Adtriatico, EPS in ALS, Chief Designate in Curriculum, chaired the board of jurors, to the delight of the participants as they saw the score cards using the rubrics system.

Music is really a good medicine. It reminded a lot of things that we have neglected not because we are not interested, but because we intentionally neglected it due to paper works, thank you for the opportunity…” said Mary Dublas, Grade II of BCT E/S in her impressions; Mr. Juan B. Bacang, Principal I of Langasihan ES added; “we are lucky to have seminar like this because seldom that we have in music; I really love to handle a guitar, but the guitar doesn’t like me”; he jokingly said; “but I am happy. Thank you, Sir Eddie and Ma’am Lou-Ann”.

Indeed, the world of music brings enjoyment, relaxation, adds color and energy to everyday lives. According to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, “Music is the universal language of mankind”.  To be able to enrich ones’ understanding of the musical concepts, we must learn how to love and appreciate music.

The success of the two-day seminar-workshop was made possible due to the support of the facilitators and resource speakers: Mrs. Coslita K. Muring, OIC-PSDS,West District; Mrs. Sharon Mae A. Bongocan, HT – I, Brgy. 9 ES; Mr. Armand Anthony S. Valde, P I, Dapulan ES; Mrs. Abel P. Galler, HT I, Imbayao ES; Mrs. Anna Liza W. Suarez and Ms. Julie Ann A. Minguez of Sumpong ES; Mrs. Lea P. Paciente, T III, Managok ES; and Mrs. Jardiolen T. Carbajal, T III, Casisang CS.

By: Lou-Ann J. CulturaEPS I, MAPEH