Teamwork did it

teamworkLife’s journey follows a path towards the most desired destination. This path may come in circle or straight line but along the way are intersections where we meet people or situations to challenge us. Whatever comes along the way your dream or ambition serves as your guiding star and your God- given talent serves as weapon to conquer the obstacles that hinder your progress. This analogy exemplifies the team’s experience to the MTAP Challenge.

The three MTAP players were guided by their ambition to be MTAP Champions. This prestigious award-giving body motivated mathematically intelligent students to hone their skills not only for honor and fame but also for their passion with numbers. This Regional MTAP Championship Award is the first ever regional award received by Bukidnon National High School and the Division of Malaybalay City.

The Team members who brought pride and honor to the division are busy-bodies and multi-taskers.

DJ OLANO ROZAL   is a smart boy, simple, humble but with a sense of humor. One of his dreams is just to maintain his being a champion in MTAP contest since he was a consistent MTAP Champion in the Division Level since Grade 1  until Fourth year  The missing prize is the Regional Level and finally…. EUREKA, here it is in DJ’s hands. Aside from being a   mathematical genius, he is also a rapper, dancer and cartoonist. Above all, he is a consistent honor student who aspires to occupy the top rank.

OLIVERT MADELO SITOY, is quite in the class but mathematically intelligent. His classmates describe him as aloft for he used to be alone, being the only child in the family. In their class where majority of the members MTAP Players in their elementary grades and in the past years, Olivert made his way to emergeas a worthy tandem of DJ.

VAN LEWRAINE APURADO CABALLERO, is the third member. She is a consistent honor student, sweet, humble, generous and has been an MTAP player since elementary.

These three smart minds made up the team. Their common goal to win developed into team work. As a coach, I always believe in the collaborative effort between the coach and the players.

Their mathematics ability coupled with strong determination will surely make them succeed in life.

by: Arlene Carpentero-Gantalao
      Coach, MTAP, Bukidnon National High School