The challenged bag gold

A person with disability does not mean that one cannot perform a task or a job. It simply means that he is facing some challenges and limitations in life that others may not experience. [Wikipedia defines disability as impairment that maybe cognitive, developmental, intellectual, mental, physical, and sensory or some combination of these. According to Natalie Boyd, person’s disability is the limit or challenges one faces.]

Children with special needs may either be teachable, educable and found to have severe and profound certain condition, yet there is some kind of ability in their disability. It just needs to be nurtured and recognized. They need to be assisted by people who have the big heart for them to stay focused and strong.

Their disability could be a springboard for their success. They will be able to prove that their ability in their disability. They maybe disabled in one area but they could be good and gifted in other areas. There are people with disability who can give much more value to work than anyone else.

It is very fulfilling to see special children who have been nurtured with simple life skills achieve and accomplish something that makes them extra special. In a way, helping them to unfold their abilities and making the best of them.

My salute to the teachers of children with special needs for loving their pupils as their own children. Never mindful of the difficulties in dealing with them but ever attentive to provide the opportunities and possibilities for these children.

       School Principal II