The Essence of Providing Costumer Service Satisfaction

Customer service satisfaction is a vital component in any organization that seeks to serve the general public because it provides the organizational top managers with a scale to be used to measure efficacy and improve services from a customer’s perspective. Since public service is a public thrust, customer service satisfaction should be the primary goal in every government establishments and should focus unto how improvements need to be made.

Customer service satisfaction in its truest essence is an abstract concept. It involves the customer’s view of the value expected from the one that gives services and the value on how it was rendered. There are factors that affect customer service satisfaction, it can be the quality of services provided, the organizational general ambience, and costumer’s perception on the actual delivery of the services rendition.

Within the recent trend on applying for Quality Management Service, government offices are in rush of competing for the accreditation of this where costumer service is the top priority and the primary consideration.

For me, the customer service satisfaction is measured on how it was delivered with or without audience showing real passion in what every member of organization do. Although measuring and tracking customer satisfaction can help the top managers to have informed decisions to put new processes in place to increase the overall quality of your customer service in line with the Presidents cause of giving the best services to the public.

Administrative Aide