The Joy of Serving God’s People

Joy is a stable and ever present attitude in the midst of life. It is more than happiness. It is more than laughter. It is closely related to peace and hope. But it was not a joy that was based on circumstances; it was a joy that was based on the power, the person, and the purposes of God! – Bob Soulliere

Every heart desires to serve! Everyone experiences joy when serving! The joy is so much when service is done voluntarily, when no one tells you to do so. When it is heartily done, the joy and peace is great!

When the pandemic COVID 19 hit the world, it is observed that people are voluntarily serving one another; ones neighbours, friends, front-liners, and the people around.  It is not only rich people who offered services or help to fellowmen but almost everyone are generous in any ways.  It’s not how much, how big, how huge, how extravagant, how excessive they can give but it is the ACT that counts! The heart of every Filipino in particular overflows with thoughtfulness, generosity and the joy of serving!

Service is a work done by one person or group that benefits another (Free Dictionary). At home, parents are serving the whole family – children and grandchildren. The family is serving and loving one another. During this pandemic, families are reaching out – outside the home to serve particularly to those who are really in need. Sometimes Service entails sacrifice but there’s always a joy in it!

As public servant, people and time demand our services!  For me it is a great opportunity to be able to serve God’s people.  God’s people are not only the people in the church, in the prayer group, and in the different renewal communities among others.  In other words all the people around. They include the last, the least, and the lost.  Anybody I am dealing with, engaging with, may it be at home, in the market, in the Office, and along the streets and more.  In DepEd they are our learners, our teachers, our stakeholders, our co-workers, our bosses.  Many times our service demands sacrifice. Sacrifice of our personal time, our comfort zone, our convenience.  But in every accomplishment, there is joy in it!

Whatever tasks that you are doing, do it well.  Just think that it is for God through God’s people.  Do it with commitment and dedication.  Do it with your whole heart. Do it without counting the difficulties behind it. Do some extra mile! Look on the other side. How happy and grateful they are because of you.  You did something!  You did something great for them! Your joy then is beyond measure.  As Mahatma Ghandi said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Guia Ma. G. Villahermosa
AO IV-Personnel