The Power of Our Thoughts

Thoughts are so powerful, it could make us happy and sad, make us feel okay and then not. Thoughts live inside our head. It controls us, although we could control it. It make us do what we don’t have to do, say what we shouldn’t say, or hear what we don’t want to hear. Thoughts control our emotion, and sometimes it builds tension and pressure inside us. But how can we prevent it from destroying our lives? Or can we really have control of our own thoughts?

Thoughts influence us, it wants to make us do something to fulfil them, may it be good or bad. We sometimes tend to blame others because of those thoughts that we want to get answered and satisfied. The burst of emotion from destructive thoughts sometimes lead us to unwanted situations; it makes us say hurtful words that we regret after; or do things we couldn’t control or even imagine. And surely, we don’t want to tolerate how our thoughts affect us negatively.

There are lots of things that we can consider to answer the negative thoughts inside our head. One   is by simply looking at  its effect in us. We have to ask ourselves: is it helpful? Does it need to be entertained in order for me to grow? Or what is that thought that brings me into feeling down?

Considering the thought’s presence in our mind, we have to deal with steps in order for us to get answers that we want to meet. According to Noah Elkrief, a Youtube blogger, there is a 5-step process that will enable you to instantly dissolve any unwanted emotion by helping you to identify and disbelieve the thought that is creating your unwanted emotion. As soon as your unwanted emotion dissolves, you will naturally be left feeling the inherent peace of the present moment.

First, pick an unwanted emotion. Second, identify the thought behind your unwanted emotion, thoughts like “I’m not suitable for this job, I can’t make my boss happy, or I am not a good parent”. Third, recognize that your emotion is a result of what you think and not your circumstances. Think outside the box. Separate your current situation into the thought that made you think of it. Fourth, discover that you don’t know whether your thought is true. There are other factors that may have brought you into coming with the thought. Maybe if you think of other things that will make you feel happy, the thought will fade. And lastly, Question the validity of any reason to continue suffering (if relevant). If you think anxiety is good for you, if you want to keep blaming someone else for your suffering, or thinking that it might be “bad” to disbelieve your thought, then it’s up to you.

Our imagination, and the way we think about certain things help us to live every day. Plan the things we imagine instead, make sure that it is for the good, and do them. Thoughts come and go, and sometimes we take too much time to hold on. Think of your wanted goals instead. Do you really want your thoughts to bother you and make you suffer? Or maybe what you really want is inner peace and happiness? Thoughts either make or break us into situation that it led us. Identify thoughts that hinder you from your goals. Question it and investigate. Know that we couldn’t predict the future, why let your thoughts lead you when you can lead them?

Our thoughts can influence others, inspire others, and build others. Control your thoughts, and don’t let your thoughts control you.

By: Rosie A. Salupado
      Division Values Coordinator