Trending K+12 Program: Change for the Phil. Education System

Better change, quality, well-trained, leading, credible, competent – these are few of the words that best describe the K+12 Basic Education Program. It has been implemented and everyone is expecting for a better-trained and competent citizens of the country.

The Department of Education implements the K +12  program. This program of study gave birth to the third curriculum being used in the secondary education at present. The K +12 adds additional two years to prepare students for college. DepEd aims to be at par with other Asian countries that have 12 years education cycle. Teachers attended trainings about the new curriculum and new lessons.Ref: DepEd # 31 s. 2012

This program gives advantage to Grades 11 and 12 having an option whether to push through academics, to go to sports if they are inclined or to be equipped with skills that the job market needs. A plan to shorten the 4 year cycle in college into 3 year gives way to senior high to learn the basics.

Before the program was implemented, Philippines is one of the few countries that has 10 years of basic education system (6 years elementary and 4 years in secondary). With this short period of time, Filipinos were deemed to be incompetent towards the growing demand and integrated global economy. The countries like Japan and Korea are two of the Asian countries that provide best results in terms of education.

However, this program received a lot of criticisms especially from the parents and a few from the students – well, that is inevitable! Feedback from parents of affected and will-be affected parents and guardians were heard during the General Assembly of the school’s Parents and Teachers Association. A mixed reaction was obviously seen and heard. Some said that this might only be an experimentation stage that might possibly be changed with the election of another President. Situations of universities and colleges would be undertaking during the two year transition period were also questioned. On the other side, comments of additional learning on the part of the students with the implementation of the K+12 were also highlighted.

It is true that this would be “somehow costly” dubbed by the parents since the years of learning are extended. Some say that the number of years increased but the quality of education is just the same – which seems “useless” then. Students may be tired of studying, thinking that it would be a long journey for them before they get their jobs. Negative or positive assumptions, this program provides a QUALITY that students need.

Bottom line is, we need to support this program rather than criticize it. It is a reality that some are contented and many are not. Any curriculum is worth the try. If implemented thoroughly and completely. Albert Einstein once uttered that “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school”.

By: Rufelia J. Limbengco
      Administrative Officer III / Cashier II