Wear your M.A.S.K.S.

Remote working is becoming the new norm during this COVID-19 outbreak. Although this work scheme is no longer unusual, it has increasingly gained in popularity in the past few months. In the Philippines, the government, through the Civil Service Commission has issued guidelines on the alternative work arrangements to its various offices. While this set-up aims at protecting the employees’ welfare from this pandemic, one question remains. How do employees increase productivity at work amidst this global health crisis?

Productivity is hard to gauge since nobody can work at optimal efficiency at all times. However, there are some best practices to make better use of our time especially when working away from our respective workstations through these M.A.S.K.S.:

MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE. With the limited movements and so many restrictions being enforced, one way of making our tasks done is to make ourselves available at all times. Being attentive in addressing the needs of the organization can alleviate the hassle brought by this pandemic.

ATTEND WEBINARS. A webinar is an interactive approach of conducting meetings in lieu of the traditional face-to-face setting. It is an online transmission of seminars, presentations, or similar content using video technology. Upgrading employees’ knowledge and competencies through attendance to webinars help improve their performances and to achieve the organizational goals.

SET YOUR PRIORITIES. Although work from home arrangement has various drawbacks, organizing our tasks according to the degree of its urgency and importance can help us get rid of the distractions. This practice enables us to manage our time wisely and accomplish more tasks with lesser effort.

KEEP IN TOUCH. Consistent communication at work helps workers understand their role in meeting organizational needs. Maximizing the advantage of technology makes it possible for us to always stay connected with our co-workers and customers.

SUSTAIN A POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Maintaining a positive attitude helps employees cope with stress and pressures at work. Exhibiting an optimistic disposition can lighten up the work environment and makes the job a lot easier.

Despite the government’s efforts in preparing the employees with this modern work setting, it is important for us workers to cooperate and submit ourselves to these innovations. Thus, by simply wearing our M.A.S.K.S. while at work could help us make a difference.

      Administrative Assistant III