What Comes Between You and Your Success?

SKILL x EFFORT = SUCCESS, the formula.  Motivation, ambition, balance, hard work, discipline, sacrifices, and a few pinch of luck comes along with it.  However, one thing is for sure, our success is our choice.  As what Malcolm Forbes said, “Success follows doing what you want to do. There is no other way to be successful.”

Success is never and will never be a red carpet; that is a fact. The path is never easy. Both expected and unexpected things will come in between. Dark entities that creep in the darkness of the forests – whispering, snatching you to stray from the path. These could be the following:

FEARS. Fear can be both good and bad. It can either save you from your downfall or lead you to your defeat.

Charles Rollin once raised a question; “Who is more foolish, the child afraid of the dark or the man afraid of the light?” Well, it is your choice.

Fear is like a double-bladed axe. Use it well and it will be of your benefit. Use it unwisely and you will hurt yourself.

DOUBTS. It can either be on your side or your enemy. Tame it or it will overpower you and take control.

We either doubt ourselves, other’s intentions and other external factors, all these due to our fears and insecurities. The worst, we doubt even our abilities, skills, and motives.

Uncertainties. The feeling of uncertainty is caused by our fears and doubts. However, there is no such thing as security; it is a delusion created by our mind to conceal our fears. Uncertainty has been by our side, even before conception, and has never left our side ever since.  As time goes by, we just developed mechanisms to domesticate these uncertainties.

Taking the leap of faith, is not for the fainted hearts. Uncertainty is the only thing that holds us back from grabbing the opportunity laid in front of us. Asking ourselves as to what are going to land on if we take the jump or where and when we’ll land or if we are willing to take the chance.

Insecurities. They are products of our fears and doubts. Our insecurities come between us and our success, because we doubt ourselves. However, we must keep our insecurities to ourselves, but let our courage scream. We are hesitant to take a step, because we fear that we are not good enough; that we are not deserving; that we do not have what it takes to succeed. However, like everything else, our insecurities must be restrained.

Arrogance. People are arrogant by nature. When they achieve something, they boast. Some of them are just vocal, while others keep the audience of their proud moments limited.

There is no shortcut to success. Earn it. Sweat for it. Bleed for it. Bruise for it. It will never be handled to you on a silver platter. Success is sweeter if you walked the tough road.

Success is a journey; therefore, it is an adventure. So, pack up your stuff, hit the road and enjoy!

Administrative Assistant III