What is needed for Youth Development Amidst Pandemic

Youth development is very vital to our society. Dr. Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines, once said “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng ating bayan.” Rizal emphasized that youths are the future of our nation. This is the reason why the Department of Education is trying its best to develop the hope of our motherland, the youth. The goal of Department of Education is to holistically develop all learners. This means DepEd considers the improvement of the psycho-social, emotional and cognitive functions of learners.

Youth can still improve even in the current set-up of education. However, there is need for a conducive and supportive learning environment. Supportive environment means people around the child maintains positivity; promote flexibility, open mindedness and cooperation. Positivity means being optimistic to the current situation of education. Avoid criticizing and always promote positivity. In this way, learners will also have positive outlook toward the new set-up of education.

Youth shall be flexible and adoptable to change. The current setup of education is subject for adjustment for this is the time where majority of the learners will be in Modular Distance Learning. Youth shall practice open-mindedness. Parents and teachers must also be open-minded to everything that are happening in education. These are all new programs and how it is set-up must be acknowledged.

Youth shall be cooperative in time of pandemic. Cooperation does not only mean following the regulation set by the department but also helping the department in promoting solutions to current issues and problems in distance learning. Thus, conductive environment for learners means supporting the department to continue developing the youth.   

Paterno T. Padua, Jr.
Project Development Officer I