Work Attitude Counts a Lot

Employees who are satisfied with their job tend to stay longer in the workforce despite the difference in salary and tempting opportunities in another organization. More often than not, it boils down to work attitude.

Work attitude is something that almost everyone struggles to attain and make perfect.

There are a number of factors that influence a person’s work attitude.  One is job satisfaction. This refers to the level of contentment employees feel about their work, which can affect performance. When one is satisfied with his job, commitment follows, and if one is committed, he tends to excel and will never cater to mediocrity. Things that make one happy in his job often make him more committed to the organization. Hence, those who are satisfied with their jobs tend to stay longer in their job. However, those who do not feel the same pleasure of working and are dissatisfied with their job, always have the intention to leave.

Second is relationship.  Relationship towards colleagues and supervisors is a strong predictor of happiness and commitment towards work. A person always makes it a point to be socially accepted in his work group because the sense of belongingness together with the respect he gets from colleagues and superiors. When the management care about us, value and consider our, we tend to feel good at work.

Good relationship with colleagues make the work environment a lot better. Knowing that one could work with a team and knowing that you can always have someone to tap when work becomes burdensome, makes the work lighter.

Work Attitude is the feeling we have towards the different aspects of our job; it can also be factors that affects our work routine. While there are a lot of factors that contributes to our attitude towards our work, it always helps to be positive and to always love what we do. Everything else will follow. Attitude does really matter. Whether at work or play, it is just a matter of attitude.

       Principal II