Work from Home – the New Normal

“Education must continue,” says DepEd Secretary Leonor M. Briones.

To ensure that quality services are delivered despite of this pandemic, teachers and employees of Malaybalay City Division implemented the shift of Work from Home.

March 17 when, the Division Office of Malaybalay City issued a memorandum on the new Alternative Work Arrangement among employees. It was released as gesture of the agency’s support to the City Government in its decision of putting the city under the Enhanced Community Quarantine while observing social distancing due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Non-teaching personnel in the Division Office are to report in a two- and half-day work at the office and another two and half days to work from home. This is the new set up!

Work from home is not the same with working in the office. The first week of the new work schedule was so heavy for us. We brought our office equipment (computer desktop, printers and office supplies) to our residences just to deliver the usual services we can extend when we are in the office. I can say that the two months of working from home is a new work experience. I made so many preparations like; 1. ) making sure that during office hours I am available whenever my colleagues would have some concerns or whenever there are queries through phone calls, text or personal message that need my attention, 2.) setting my workspace at home in a corner for me not to be tempted to lay my back on the bed and can focus my mind on what I am working just like when I am in the office, 3. )  make sure that I manage my working time by sticking to my normal work routine.

In spite of these preparations, I faced challenges of many distractions and interruptions to my work due to important matters at home and the noise from my surroundings. Add to the fact that my children would demand some time from me because they would easily see me at home.

On the other hand, monitoring of accomplishments is being checked through submitting our Individual Weekly Accomplishment Report specially on the related task assigned to me in the Payroll Unit. I feel, we are successful in this new set up.

Indeed “we work as one, we heal as one.”

Administrative Assistant III