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Malaybalay City Division’s Version in Support to Distance Learning

“Education must continue.” – Sec. Leonor M. Briones

COVID-19 brought so much attention to the world’s scenarios transforming every aspect into NEW NORMAL. However, education services in spite of the shifts in the conduct and implementation of activities, events, procedures and programs still managed to cope up with the demand of the system. Making use of the “LAG TIME” is so visible among DepEd Personnel that even in the delivery of learning is possible amidst this pandemic. Continue reading Malaybalay City Division’s Version in Support to Distance Learning

S.T.E.P. Up

As teachers, we are faced with many challenges everyday. From waking up early to prepare for the class to going home late to finish the daily tasks.  Nevertheless, the job is very rewarding to see our students graduate and proceed to their next journey of learning. Can we allow ourselves to be left behind? How about challenging ourselves to also continue our journey towards professional education? Continue reading S.T.E.P. Up

Remain Active with Badminton

For months we experienced lesser physical activities due to possible exposure to risks for COVID 19.  Athletes had not played their favorite sports because tournaments were postponed. Sports clinics had also been cancelled which prevented aspiring athletes to learn and improve their skills. These and more have surely leveled down the healthy and active lifestyle we used to enjoy.  But do not be dismayed, Badminton will save our day. Continue reading Remain Active with Badminton

Digital Technology access for Education

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to spread in different countries around the world, the new normal will involve higher levels of health precautions. Fearing another wave of infections, government will continue to enforce strict measures to contain the spread of the virus. Digital technology will play a greater role to ensure that essential sectors such as business, banking, health, food services, and communication will continue to run their transactions in order to avoid a possible national economic breakdown. Continue reading Digital Technology access for Education