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Hope and Promise Amidst Crisis

“If it weren’t for Covid, we would have been able to travel and enjoy our break.” ; “I would have taken the exam last February if Covid had not existed.” ; “We would have gone to other provinces and visited our relatives if not because of this Covid.”—- Or, are you one the many people who desperately say, “If only this pandemic did not happen.” or “We will do it next time when this crisis will end.”? These lines are familiar, aren’t they? Do you hear one of these often? exactly “ruined” our calendar of activities. Continue reading Hope and Promise Amidst Crisis

New Normal: Life lessons of COVID-19

The COVID-19 Pandemic taught us lessons that will truly change our lives and from the things that we used to. This Pandemic taught us to value the importance of life and nature. Most people think, “What will be the New Normal looks like?”.  New Normal certainly a different normal, which means many of us will adapt a new and different lifestyle.  This Pandemic is changing and resetting our priorities, from giving so much attention with our health, decreasing pollution that benefits people and the planet and the most important and significant lesson is prioritizing our relationship with our family and friends. May it be Physical or Mental Health, still it has a big impact to people’s lives. Continue reading New Normal: Life lessons of COVID-19

Self-Efficacy and Performance in the Workplace

Self-efficacy plays an important role in successfully achieving one’s goal in life. This concept was introduced by Albert Bandura in his social cognitive theory, which emphasizes the role of observational learning, social experience, and reciprocal determinism in developing a personality.  It is a part of the self-system comprised of a person’s attitudes, abilities, and cognitive skills. This system plays a major role in how we perceive situations and how we behave in response to different situations. Continue reading Self-Efficacy and Performance in the Workplace

The Essence of Providing Costumer Service Satisfaction

Customer service satisfaction is a vital component in any organization that seeks to serve the general public because it provides the organizational top managers with a scale to be used to measure efficacy and improve services from a customer’s perspective. Since public service is a public thrust, customer service satisfaction should be the primary goal in every government establishments and should focus unto how improvements need to be made. Continue reading The Essence of Providing Costumer Service Satisfaction