Enhancing ICT Integration in BdNHS

Despite the advancement of the new technology, there are still teachers who avoid the use of computers in their teaching. Some find the use of computers as cumbersome, while others find it time consuming. The preparation of materials and the setting up of the computer and projector make them reluctant to use the new technology.  This dilemma of some teachers could raise questions like: Are teachers willing to learn how to use the computers? Would they need extensive training in the utilization of computers? Should they be provided laptops so that they would be motivated to learn and use the computers in their teaching?

Teachers nowadays are aware that they have to keep abreast with the use of the new technology. Exploring the different software in the computer and the Internet could help them in their search for topics relevant to their lessons. They could enrich their lessons through the articles and PowerPoint presentations featured in the Internet. They could even prepare their own lessons based from what they have researched in the web. With their knowledge on the use of the computer and the ICT integration they could easily facilitate learning and improve students’ performance.

The most repeated comment heard about computer in all walks of life is that computer cannot be used to its full potential without proper training. Bangcud National High School (BdNHS) has attached substantial significance to the issue of training and support. All teachers and non-teaching staff would receive extensive training/workshop and ongoing support to help them learn about Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and its uses to be able to prepare students for life in this modern world. ICT training workshop series would be launched twice every school year and is led by ICT teachers and/or information technology experts.

Moreover, teachers are encouraged to find adequate time to develop new skills, explore the integration of ICT into their existing teaching practices, and undertake necessary additional lesson planning. Teachers realized that lesson planning with the use of technology in teaching is time consuming, but ultimately this will save time, effort, and cost of instructional materials.

In my research, I found that creating the ICT training design should be the first step. It is from this stage where the different learning goals are identified, the outputs that teachers present are defined, and the knowledge required to perform tasks successfully are specified. As a researcher, I conducted a survey on teachers’ computer knowledge and skills through the use of questionnaire and focus group discussion. I analyzed the data collected and made a report to present to the training expert and sponsor for approval before training development begins.

An annual survey of teacher software knowledge and use of technology by teachers and students is conducted continuously. The finding of the survey will be recorded and the training topics will be centered on the software applications and its integration to the curriculum that need to be enhanced by further training. School ICT tools should be evaluated annually to easily determine some other ICT tools that are needed in classroom instructions and administrative purposes.

Teachers should also be professionally and emotionally supported. BdNHS is committed to give due recognition to teachers for their work in integrating technology in classroom. This will motivate them to further explore the pedagogical potential on technology-based classroom instruction. To facilitate this, the school develops a teacher-appraisal scheme in order to reward teachers according to their effort, dedication and success in applying technology to enhance the learning environment.

From the findings of my research, I recommended that BdNHS should continue to support the use of computers and the integration of ICT in all learning areas. This could be done by: (a) continuing to upgrade and enhance its hardware, software and network capabilities, (b) offering and assisting teachers in the use and integration of ICT into the classroom curriculum, and (c) providing students opportunities to foster good academic performance and developing capability for a lifelong learning.

Ultimately, BdNHS could enhance its computer utilization and ICT integration when the school, have empowered the teachers and the students to have access to more computers and Internet sites in their teaching and learning.

By: Salley D. Moreno
      Bangcud National High School