ICT Integration in Teaching & Learning

The DepEd, Division of Malaybalay City intends to strengthen the implementation of the DepEd Computerization Program by supporting the enhanced basic education services through improved quality teaching and learning using ICT-integrated curriculum instruction. The Division Office conducted various trainings for the teachers in the development of interactive learning resources and utilization of online tools to effectively engage the learners in a learner-centered classroom situated in a constructive learning environment.

The teacher developers mandated to cascade to their fellow teachers through Learning Action Cell (LAC) sessions in the school in pursuant to item 15.4 (21st Century Skills and ICT Integration in Instruction and Assessment) of DepEd Order No. 35, s. 2016 to enhance teaching and learning through interactive classroom instructions.

School Heads were capacitated and equipped with transformative and transactional leadership skills which aims to carry out the envisioned teaching and learning improvement through ICT integration in the classroom instruction by complying the requirements of the 8 leadership dimensions. It also ensures the school heads to give 100 percent support on the implementation of integrating ICT technology in the classrooms.

As a result, the teachers find the teaching process is lighter and more interesting because ICT serves as a support in the teaching learning process. Presentation of concepts is easier than the use of traditional instructional materials. And the teachers are inspired and motivated to share knowledge with the learners. It also increased the efficiency in classroom administrative tasks and improved communication among stakeholders, including parents, teachers, learners and administrators

For the School Heads, they find it easy to measure the interest of teachers and learners through their responses to the interactive learning resources or other types of computer assisted instruction. School heads could assess the needs of the teacher such as training and technological equipment and be able to determine the strategies used.

By: Paul Arias