21st Century Teachers on K -12 Basic Education Program

21st century teachers1In preparation for the third year Kto12 Basic Education implementation, the Malaybalay City Division headed by Schools Division Superintendent Edilberto L. Oplenaria convened  all Grade Three teachers at Loiza’s Pavillion for the Division Mass Training last May 12 to May 16, 2014.

During the opening program, the Superintendent emphasized and requested all the participants to listen and focus on this 5-day Division Mass Training, because according to him the Department of Education spent a lot for this purpose and should be dished out to the different schools, in the poblacion or the farthest station of teachers.

Accordingly, Kto12 Curriculum should be accompanied with the 5 C’s to ensure pupils’ learning. First is COMMITMENT. The teacher should be committed to their work not just because they are being paid, although compensation matters in our work. Second is COMPETENCE.  This is the reason why teachers are sent to various seminars to be updated in and to be globally competent. Third is CREATIVITY. Teachers must be artistic enough in making their lessons interesting so that learners will actively participate in all class activities. Fourth is COMPASSION. It is in this aspect where children learn to love and love to learn as they go along their journey to finish their studies. The last but not the least is CHARACTER. It molds a child into a better citizen in our nation.

The participants learned that 21st century teachers should be computer literate educators that could compete globally in any modern and industrial countries so that we will not be left behind the scene of the modern world.

Another important topic discussed during the seminar was the Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education. In this MTB-MLE, pupils are able to learn best through their first language, their mother tongue, obviously because they could really understand what they are reading and listening from their teachers. Mother tongue could help the young learners to comprehend their lesson. It has a great role in our educational system to keep our culture and heritage. We should be proud of our mother tongue because it is one of our identities a Filipinos.

Though teachers use the mother tongue as medium of instruction, English is still to be introduced and to be taught. Learning English is essential to be exactly globally competitive in this modern world.

My  salute to the following administrators and Master Teachers and Education Supervisors  who shared their expertise  on how to use Mother Tongue in the different subject areas and introduced new strategies in teaching: Mrs. Concepcion S. Reyes, Mrs. Lou Ann Cultura, Mrs.  Jovy Molina,  Mr. Noel Tan Nery, Mr. Rommel Jabonero, Mrs. Cynthia Oplenaria and Mrs. Arlie Leoncio.

With this Kto12 Basic Education Program –Division Mass Training, teachers firmly believe that if all educators will work hand in hand with full commitment there is no reason our educational system and country will not grow as how other countries did.

So now we could shout to all and sundry, ‘’Come one, come all, let’s make learning and teaching more fun with Kto12 Basic Education Curriculum“.

      Teacher- Tintinaan Elementary School