Brigada Eskwela: Awakening People Empowerment

Brigada Eskwela, an activity undertaken in public schools every third week of May or two weeks before classes begin, is a nationwide voluntary effort which started in 2003. Parents, teachers and community gathered together to do clean up and repairs to prepare the rooms for the beginning of the new school year. It is also participated by individual, private organizations, business sectors, local and national government agencies which together share their efforts, time and resources.

The volunteers do the operation clean up drive on school grounds, make the necessary operations on classroom tables and chairs and parents and private business offer the necessary supplies and materials. This overwhelming participation of private sectors and volunteers shows how citizens in the country harmoniously carry out the activity to achieve the common objective. It is an important binder and dedication which helps improve the quality of teaching and learning. Since classrooms will be readily available to accommodate the incoming school children. Parents, though it may be an inconvenience on their part, all the efforts are well compensated for they will no longer worry about their children being bit by mosquitoes or getting sick because of the unclean surroundings. Exerting effort hand in hand, the Brigada Eskwela is the present description of the proverbial Bayanihan spirit where Filipinos values the importance of volunteerism in achieving the common end. It is a venue for social and people empowerment through displaying unity and active social involvement.

The outpouring enthusiasm of ordinary citizens through Brigada Eskwela proves that until today, our heroes’ temperament still remarks and continues to flare. Its true essence do not just rest on the expected outcome of the preparations, but of the aggregate effort of individuals, which together lead us to a better view on how Filipinos achieve the goal line.

By: Amy G. Capacio
      Teacher 3, Casisang Central School