DepEd Rationalization Program Clarified

The main purpose of the country’s program of rationalization on the executive branches is the government quest for globalization of the country’s basic product and services. It encourages its branches to look into its structure and make strategic changes on its organizational structure and staffing that will focus on the core governance function of the agency and improve its performance in service delivery and productivity as mandated by Executive Order (EO) No.366. 

Pursuant to DepEd Order No. 53, s.2013, the Department of Education Rationalization Program was approved by the Department of Budget and Management last November 15, 2013 and the management is given only a maximum of four (4) months from the date of its approval to position its employees in the new staffing pattern. The positions affected are those in the plantilla occupying permanent positions in the central office, regional offices, school division offices, and its casual and contractual employees under Personal Services fund, whose appointments were attested by the Civil Service Commission. All positions (teaching and non-teaching) in the schools, DepEd-ARMM, those funded through MOOE and of Foreign Fund are not included in the Rationalization Program of the department.

The Malaybalay City Division has already identified positions which will be abolished, merged and created under the DepEd RATprogram. Affected employees (non-teaching Division Personnel) of the program have options of whether to remain in the department under Co-terminus with the Incumbent (CTI) status wherein the employee may express his intention to apply for the newly created position (following the placement process) if they qualify or remain in his present position, another option is to retire or be separated from the government service with incentives under E.O. 366.

To further explain the two options stated above. First, those who choose the option to retire will receive an additional incentive of not less than Php 50,000 under E.O. 366 aside from the regular benefits they can get from the GSIS and other regular terminal leave benefits. However, they are not allowed to apply in any government agencies for the next five (5) years except in the hospitals and public school which is not included in the RAT program.

The second option is for those who opted to remain in the government service under CTI status wherein they will be retained in their current plantilla item with the same salary grade and are still entitled to receive step increment and all other government benefits attached to their current position.  They will be holding their own plantilla item until the date they opted to retire, resign or be appointed to a higher position and at the time they will leave their item such will be abolished or no replacement will be made. In addition to this option an employee may express his intention to be placed under comparable positions if they are qualified following the placement process provided that it may be within the same job group, or up to three (3) salary grade higher only.  However, those who are interested to apply for the new or higher vacant positions, they can choose CTI status while applying for the position they aim for in the new structure. If ever they don’t get appointed, they can retain their CTI status and if luckily they will be appointed in the applied position their old item will be abolished. This is how this RATprogram will go through. Hope this will give light on so many questions regarding this program. Good luck to all affected personnel.

By: Novem Abao Sescon,  Administrative Officer II/HRMO-1