Innovation that Counts

Crafting and applying something that is new in an organization is an innovation. It is a process of applying new useful and better ideas, and converting it into new methods, products or services. It is an idea that will provide quality improvement to the organization and will create a significant change. Innovation and change is important to any organization. Its failure to innovate and change may cause its employees, client, stakeholders and the organization as a whole to suffer.  Thus, people in it should understand the importance of innovation and change.

Organizational change is big people issue; it requires shifting of individual perspectives from where they are now to where they should be. It’s all about motivation and influencing behavior, about breaking old habits and attitudes and embracing the new. This also may require new structure, new skills, and new technology. Change denotes new ways of doing things as a result for the findings and committing to change. To effectively implement change, the organization must vest in the performance of its new roles and responsibilities. Involving people in the organization from top management all the way down to the front liners and to the least position available (Duque, 2013).

The only thing constant is change (Heraclitus), it is a reality and that every individual needs to realize and accept. An organizations needs to remain competitive for its own advantage. Thus it needs to improve its performance.  According to Billy Vega “Change is inevitable and we need to change, if you will not change, DepED will go on and you will left behind”.  There is a need for us to continually adapt and embrace change.

The Division of Malaybalay City joins the Civil Service Commission on its change for organizational management journey. Anchored on the DepED Vision/Mission and Values, its Officials crafted the Division strategic plan a change in structure and system. In it is the realization of DepED Rationalization program, Result Based Performance Management System, the competency based recruitment system, ABCDE methods and many others. This innovation is for the organization to maintain its competitive advantage.

Novem Abao Sescon