Performance Assessment Based on Result

The Result-based Performance Management System (RPMS) of the DepEd supports the Vision, Mission and Values of the agency as it continuously endeavor to evolve as a learner-centered public institution.

The RPMS is an intervention that will help ensure the strategic, responsive, and effective delivery of Human Resources Management & Development (HRMD) services at all levels of DepEd so that it can effectively implement a learner centered, School-based Management System anchored on the k-12 strategies to improve the quality of public schools.

Performance Management is a systematic approach for continuous and consistent work improvement of individual roles and targets with the DepEd’s direction to make possible appropriate corrective actions as basis for people development.

There are Four (4) Phases of the RPMS Framework; first Phase is the Performance Planning and Commitment. At the start of the rating performance period, the rater and ratee agrees on the objectives to be met based on the strategic priorities of the organization.

Phase 2 is on performance monitoring and coaching. Here, the manager/head creates an enabling environment to improve individual team performance. They tract employees’ performance and progress towards accomplishment of the objective.

Phase 3 is Performance Review & Evaluation, a period to evaluate employees’ performance based on evidences of competencies measured against performance targets agreed during the first phase.

The last phase is the Performance Reward and Developmental Planning. The Superior/Head with his subordinate discusses the accomplishments and promote rewards and incentives. They will also discuss competency gaps and jointly come up with development plan and address them.

The key message of the RPMS is to ensure a fair and objective way of assessing individual performance based on the agency’s target and acknowledges meritorious performance with a reward and incentive system as basis for productivity bonus, scholarship, trainings and development.  Since recognizes the important role of the employee and teachers in meeting the DepEd mandate and organizational goals.

ralph t. quirog, eps