The First Flag Ceremony in the New Division Office of DepEd Malaybalay

The sun was shining, the sky was painted with the perfect hue of blue, and the flag was swaying gracefully as the employees lined up in front of the new building to hold the first flag raising ceremony in the new division office at Sayre Highway, Casisang, Malaybalay City on December 1 witnessed by passengers of vehicles passing by, few pedestrians, and the tall trees with their green foliage waving to welcome the occupants.

Superintendent Edilberto L. Oplenaria and the entire staff stood tall and straight as they sang with fervor the hymns for the country, the province, and the city division. Phrases from the songs seemed to create new meaning and to add another dimension to reality.

The phrase from the provincial anthem that says in Binukid, “ alan alan kauyagan”  simply reminds us that all of these things are blessings. In the English version, the phrase “where love and joy never die” is another way of saying that there is no reason for anyone to look sad and feel bad because we are surrounded by a lot of beautiful scenery to enjoy and stay happy.

The women in white or the nurses led the usual parts of the Monday morning routine.  Program updates were given by unit heads and the promotional staff. Congratulatory words for the superintendent’s success were also expressed by all personnel and staff.

The superintendent expressed his gratitude to everyone who sent him messages which was handed to him in an envelope after his final round of evaluation at La Salle University last week. He also shared to the group his excitement to be around that in spite of being unwell, he joined the group for the Monday activity.

Superintendent Oplenaria also conveyed his hope for another round of successes after Mrs. Rosie Salupado presented two trophies awarded to Malaybalay City as champion in both elementary and secondary during the recently concluded regional values education competitions.

Truly, the future is bright. The sun will go on shining and the sky will continue to show its lovely tapestry of varied hue… ”reminding us to be true to the oath we took.”