The president’s Daang Matuwid swayed the masses

Ang Daang Matuwid is one of the most emphasized mottos during the election campaign that President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino used to persuade the people as platform for his administration. But in order to walk through the right path, financial stability should first be achieved. Just like in any organization and even the smallest unit of society which is the family, the proper use of the coffers would be able to help the government achieve its goals.

I have been in the government service for nearly two decades and it is during the tenure of “P-noy” that almost every year, there are additional reports which offices have to submit.

In the year 2000, the number of reports submitted by our office to the DepEd Regional office could be counted by the number of fingers in your hand. But, for the FY 2014 it is more than twice the number of your fingers and toes. The information submitted is used to verify the validity of the reports made by the different government agencies.

The current administration also started to implement interventions that would curb corruption. Programs which include purchasing of supplies at DBM-PS, cash-less payments, online transactions and other programs were implemented to decrease red tape and improve the government procurement and payment system. All these activities increase the workload and even the stress of the employees who are assigned at the financial sections of the different government departments. But as civil servants, we continue to do our part to help improve the services our government could give to the people.

We just hope that the effort we have exerted will not come to naught. We pray that our elected and other senior government officials would shun corruption and most of all, Daang Matuwid would not just benefit the few but would be felt especially by the poor.

Almaco A. Villanueva Jr.
Bukidnon National High School