MC conducts cultural presentation, “Dakaka Hu Mga Hintelek Ha Mga Ligsek”

No single dark cloud loomed in the sky when the indigenous school children from 17 schools of the Division of Malaybalay City gathered for a cultural presentation entitled, “Dakaka hu mga Hintelek ha mga Ligsek” at Kalasungay Central School on November 21.

This is the first time the city division held such activity which was participated in by schools having the most number of Indigenous Peoples (IP) learners, namely; Baganao ES, Caburacanan ES, Can-ayan IS, Candiisan ES, Dalwangan ES, Kalasungay CS, Kapitan Anghel ES, Kibalabag ES, Kulaman ES, Manalog ES, Mapulo ES, Patpat ES, Tagilanao ES, Tintinaan ES, St. Peter ES, Silae ES and Zamboanguita CS.

The participants were made welcome by host principal Teofilo L. Ontoy, Education Committee Chair Emilia Okit, PSDS Jovy G. Molina and Barangay Captain Rodrigo Nieri through Kagawad Gene Rojas.

Challenging messages and congratulatory addresses were given by Provincial NCIP Director Shirlene Sario, City Mayor Ignacio Zubiri through City Councilor Rendon Sanggalang, and IP Mandatory Representative Benjamin Omao through Sammy Talucdo. 

The participants who were chaperoned by their coaches showed their talents and skills in various indigenous games and activities.

The following schools were declared as overall winners, namely: Champion- Can-ayan Integrated School, 1st runner up- Kalasungay Central School and 2nd runner up is Dalwangan Elementary School. 

Declared as winners in various events during the awarding ceremony are the following schools: 1) Cultural Dance-1st  Place is Can-ayan IS, 2nd Place is  Kalasungay CS, & 3rd Place  is Patpat ES; 2) Dasang- 1st place is  Can-ayan IS, 2nd place is Dalwangan ES, & 3rd place is Kalasungay CS; 3) Limbay – 1st place  is Can-ayan IS & 2nd place is Caburacanan ES; 4) Nanangen- 1st place is Can-ayan IS, 2nd place  is Dalwangan ES, 3rd place is Caburacanan ES; 5) Buu Making- 1st place is St. Peter ES, 2nd place is Kulaman ES, & 3rd place is Kulaman ES; 6) Soil Painting- 1st place is Can-ayan IS, 2nd place is Kapitan Anghel, & 3rd place is Kalasungay CS; 7) Pulagoy-1st place is Kalasungay CS, 2nd place is Can-ayan IS, & 3rd place is Silae ES; 8) Sagakad- 1st place is St. Peter ES, 2nd place is Caburacanan ES & 3rd place is Kapitan Anghel ES; 9) Lasay Ha Binakbak- 1st place is Kulaman ES, 2nd place is Dalwangan ES, & 3rd  place is Tintinaan ES; 10) Bag-id- 1st place is Mapulo ES, & 2nd is MaKiBa cluster; 11) Lutlut hu Bugas- 1st St. Peter ES, 2nd is Kulaman ES, & 3rd is Kapitan Anghel; 12) Asud Hu Bugas daw Pamasili- Batch 1- 1st place is MaKiBa cluster, 2nd place is Caburacanan, & 3rd  place is Mapulo ES; Batch 2- 1st place is Can-ayan IS, 2nd place is Dalwangan ES, & 3rd  place is  Silae ES; 13) Kalanganan (Playing with indigenous musical instrument) -1st  place is Kalasungay CS, & 2nd place is Dalwangan ES. The contest judges were NCIP staff Mr. Carl Binayao and Mrs. Dolorosa Casinabe, Kagawad Gene Rojas, Kagawad Emilia Okit, City IP Staff Sammy Talucdo, and IP Mandatory Representative Claudio Casinabe.

Mr. Jeremy Lagunday of Can-ayan IS and Mrs. Vergie Juyad of Caburacanan ES were the program hosts for occasion. Their hard work and exemplary performance is acknowledged.

Superintendent Edilberto L. Oplenaria together with the Division Office staff acknowledges with deep gratitude and sincere thanksgiving the assistance of the teachers, pupils and PTA of Kalasungay Central School, committee chair persons, facilitators, coaches, and all who helped accomplish the activities of Indigenous Peoples Education (IPEd) and achieve its objectives in support of EFA goals. 

-jdzamora, Division IP Focal Person