Division Advisories – 2020

12-15-2020Dissemination of the Letter from the Office of the City Treasurer
12-10-2020Release of Attested Appointments
12-02-2020Dissemination of Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Provincial Science and Technology Center (PSTC) - Bukidnon re: 2021 Search for Philippine Science High School System Scholars
12-02-2020Release of Attested Appointments
11-24-2020Dissemination of Department of Science and Technology Region X Invitation for a Webinar on "TechTok Agri: What's new in Shelf Life Technologies for Fruits and Veggies; Packaging for Cacao and Coffee"
11-16-2020Dissemination of City Government of Malaybalay Administrative Order No. 95, s. 2020
11-11-2020Release of Attested Appointments
11-04-2020Dissemination of City Government of Malaybalay Administrative Order No. 94, s. 2020
10-29-2020Invitation from Bureau of Soils and Water Management
10-29-2020Tree Planting
10-19-2020Malaybalay City 2020 National Children's Month Celebration
10-16-2020Dissemination of City Government of Malaybalay Administrative Order No. 93, s. 2020
10-15-2020National Competition for Filipino Values Month Celebration
10-08-2020Crafting Chapters and Lessons in Thought Leadership Year 7
10-01-2020Dissemination of City Government of Malaybalay Administrative Order No. 92, s. 2020
10-01-2020Release of Attested Appointments
09-24-2020Orientation for Senior High School Guidance Counselors on Conducting an Online Career and College Fair
09-23-2020Dissemination of Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Advisory
09-16-2020Pamilya at Pandemya: Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Relations and Dynamics of the Filipino Families
09-14-2020Release of Attested Appointments
09-11-2020Dissemination of City Government of Malaybalay Memorandum No. CMO 070220-J004
09-11-2020Beyond Webinars: Intensive Capacity Building Programs for School Administrators, Teachers and Parents in the New Normal
09-10-2020Dissemination of City Government of Malaybalay Administrative Order No. 91, s. 2020
09-04-2020Release of Attested Appointments
08-20-2020Dissemination of Memorandum from the Executive Secretary re: Opening of Classes for Academic Year 2020-2021
08-12-2020Procedure in the Filing and Processing of GFAL and Top-up Loan Option Application Under the new Normal
08-04-2020Dissemination of Regional Advisory No. 38, s. 2020 re: A 30-Minute Presentation on Health and Wellness
07-03-2020Pilot Dry Run for the Opening of Classes for SY 2020-2021
06-22-2020Release of Attested Appointments
06-01-2020Dissemination of Regional Advisory No. 33, s. 2020 re: Additional Groups Engaged in Unauthorized Investment Taking Activities
06-01-2020Dissemination of Regional Advisory No. 32, s. 2020 re: PRC Frontline Services
03-25-2020Dissemination of LGU Ordinance No. 918, s. 2020 re: An Ordinance Creating the Local Council of Women of the City of Malaybalay
03-18-2020UP Filipiniana Dance Group Annual Audition
03-10-2020Course for Managers of Learning (CML) Schedule
03-10-2020Regional Youth Forum
02-28-2020Institute of Leaders in Educational Advancement and Development Seminar Workshop
02-28-2020Sibol: Young Scholars Conference Contest
02-28-2020The Many Faces of Teacher 2020 Search for Honorees
02-21-2020Dissemination of Executive Order No. 76, s. 2020 re: Creating and Mobilizing the Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP) Team
02-20-2020Notice of NCGAP Bukidnon Chapter 1st BOD Meeting
02-18-2020Dissemination of Regional Advisory No. 14, s. 2020 re: Negative Effects of Unpaid GSIS Loans on Members' Future Benefits
02-14-2020Dissemination Regional Advisory No. 13, s. 2020 re: Unknown Entity Allegedly Encouraging Public School Teachers to Invest in its Programs
02-14-2020Dissemination of City Ordinance No. 916, s. 2020 Entitled "An Ordinance Regulating the Operation of Internet Cafes and Piso Net in the City of Malaybalay, Providing Safekeeping Guidelines for Minors and Providing Penalties for Violations Thereof"
02-06-2020Human Papiluma Virus Vaccination
01-31-2020Private School Heads, LIS/BEIS and SHS Coordinators Meeting
01-24-20206th Bukidnon Information Technology Summit (BITS)
01-20-2020Celebration of National Bible Month and National Bible Week Culminating Activity
01-15-2020Stage Plays and Musicals for SY 2019-2020 of the Philippine Stagers Foundation
01-14-2020Local City Government Employees Profiling and Conduct of Learning Package for Parents Education (LPPED)
01-13-2020Division Federation of Parents Teachers Association (DFPTA) SY 2019-2020 Board Meeting
01-06-2020Release of Attested Appointments

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