Unnumbered Memo 2021

12-27-21Special Coordination Meeting for 2021 Virtual Stakeholders' Convergence and Appreciation and 2021 Awarding for Brigada Eskwela Best Implementing School
12-20-21Quality Management System (QMS) Management Review for Office of the Schools Division Superintendent (OSDS)
12-10-21Committee for Video Production of the Virtual Awarding of Brigada Eskwela Best Implementing Schools and Convergence of Stakeholders
12-01-21Division Technical Committee on the 3-Day Virtual Seminar-Workshop on Basic and Advanced Microsoft Excel Techniques
11-26-21Special Coordination Meeting with the RBI-Palimani Program Division TWG / Promotional Staff in Preparation for DepEd Bigaten X Season 2 Episodes
11-18-21Virtual Conference in the Conduct of Virtual Training on Defensive Driving and 2021 National Student Day Celebration
11-12-21Designation of Live Program Hosts for Radio-Based Instruction (RBI) "Alas Basa Na" Program - A Distant Learning Modality for Reading Intervention
11-11-21Participation to Regional Virtual Christmas "Daygon" Competition
11-04-21Special Conference for 2021 Institutional Conferment
11-03-21Division Final Proofreading and Editing of RBI Palimani SLM-Based Audio Lesson Scripts
10-28-21Change of Schedule of the Validation, Finalization and Printing of the Documents of School Entries for 2021 Recognition of Schools Best Practices in the Implementation of Basic-Education Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) Via School-Based Management (SBM)
10-22-21Dissemination of City Government of Malaybalay Executive Order No. 158, series of 2021
10-22-21Dissemination of City Government of Malaybalay Executive Order No. 156, series of 2021
10-15-21Recording of RBI Palimani Radio Plug and Station ID for Alas Basa Na! Project
10-13-21ALS Emergency Meeting
10-12-21Learning and Development Needs Assessment Online Survey-LDNAOS SY 2020-2021 for Division Office Personnel
10-11-21Weekly Division Tree Parenting (Tree Hour) Activity for October to December 2021
10-08-21Addendum to Unnumbered Memorandum re: Division Tree Planting Activity
10-07-21Virtual Orientation of Live Program Hosts for Radio-Based Instruction (RBI) Alas Basa Na Program - A Distant Learning Modality for Reading Intervention
10-05-21Division Tree Planting Activity
10-05-21Preparation of Documents for the SAFE-CI 2021
09-29-21Newly Approved Integrated Solid Waste Management Ordinance in Malaybalay City, No. 962, Series 2020
08-24-21Division Climate Change Caravan Committee
08-24-21Composition of the Division Philippine National Public Key Infrastructure (PNPKI) Team
08-24-21Submission of Annual Procurement Plan for Common Use Office and Equipment (APP-CSE) for FY 2022
08-03-21Corrigendum and Addendum to ISO Quality Management System Special Internal Audit
07-28-21ISO Quality Management System Special Internal Audit
07-21-21Tree Parenting Activity on July 23, 2021
07-15-21Schedule of Preventive Maintenance for DepEd Issued ICT Equipment in the Division Office
07-13-21Request for Data on Programs and Activities Conducted from Fiscal Year 2015 to 2020
07-13-217S Evaluation of Offices
07-06-21Storage Rooms 7S Evaluation
06-30-21Select MAPEH Teachers and Video Editors
06-24-21Special Coordination Meeting on the Preparation of the Bigaten DepEd X: Version 3 Guesting of Malaybalay City
06-22-21Ad Hoc Committee for the Observance of National Disaster Resilience Month
05-19-21ISO Internal Auditors - Auditees Meeting
05-19-21Attendance to the Orientation and Crafting of Bigaten DepEd 10 Special Segments Cum Video Editing and Script Production
04-26-21Production of Official Chant of the Division of Malaybalay City
04-07-21Quality Management System Full Remote Mock Assessment
03-31-217S Evaluation of Storage Rooms
03-30-21Corrigendum to the Memorandum on the Formulation of 2023-2028 Division Education Development Plan (DEDP)
03-23-21Basic Education Information System (BEIS) Orientation for Division Validating Team
03-23-21Formulation of 2023-2028 Division Education Development Plan (DEDP)
03-10-21Portfolio Assessment Orientation for ALS Implementers
03-09-21Malaybalay City Division Strategic Planning
03-02-21Mechanics and Criteria on the Nomination for the Most Outstanding Employee of the Month
02-23-21Lunchmeeting with the City Mayor
02-16-21Attendance and Participation to the Regional Consultative Conference for RBI Lesson Developers
02-01-21Delivery Schedule of DepEd Computerization Program (DCP) Batch 2019-02
01-21-21ALS Regular Quarterly Meeting
01-20-21Designating Quality Management Representative (QMR) of the OSDS
01-07-21Installation Schedule of the Newly Reclassified School Heads

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