BMR: A Solution to Reading Difficulty

Bright Minds Read (BMR) is a partnership program of Ronald MC Donald House of Charity Adopt-A-School Program with UCPB in partnership with the Department of Education that aims to develop beginning reading curricula and tools for public school children. It is a beginning reading program which aims to develop the pupils’ genuine love for reading, comprehension and critical thinking, oral language and correct usage of grammatical structures.

 Mabuhay Elementary School is blessed to be one of the recipients of the   BMR learning kit  from Donald House of  Charity Adopt-A-School Program with

UCPB in partnership with the Department of Education. These learning tools help the children enhance their reading eagerness and a better acquisition of reading skills of the children are expected.

Moreover, it arouses the children’s attention and hopefully they will learn from it.

We are so honored and privileged that Mabuhay Elementary School benefited from the support and endeavor of this project. Surely, we will gain from the learning kit with proper management of the teacher facilitator. Administration, teachers, pupils, and parents are thankful for the opportunity given to them in order to make skill acquisition prolific and worthwhile.

“We are heartily grateful for the trust and confidence given to us. We deeply hope for better results and higher achievement level of knowledge acquisition of our school children particularly of among the  Grade I pupils,” the School Reading Coordinator stressed.

Furthermore, through this intervention, the curious minds of the young would be motivated. It is then considered that this is a stepping stone in looking for a solution to the reading difficulties of our school children.

Finally, this program will not succeed without the support from the benefactors and all concerned individuals. Everyone, then is encouraged to work hand in hand to achieve the quality education that every child deserves to have.

 Manny B. Pimentel-
School Principal 1