DOMC goes I.S.T.I.V., 5S

The Division of Malaybalay City launched the I.S.T.I.V. and 5S good housekeeping program during the 2012 1st MANCOM meeting at Casisang Central School, Malaybalay City on January 30.

This course of action is based on Republic Act No. 9485 and other laws which reinforce effective and efficient public service.

This office will be institutionalizing I.S.T.I.V. and 5S for an improved provision of service to its clientele.

The Division Office will incorporate the I.S.T.I.V. ( Industrious, Systematic, Time-Conscious, Innovative, and Strong Value of Work) and 5S Japanese good housekeeping techniques(seiri or sort, seiton  or systematize, seiso or sweep, seikitsu or standardize , and shitsuke or self-discipline).

Its objective is to institute and sustain improvement in the workplace.

In as much as productivity  is above all an attitude, the program seeks to develop among all employees the belief that one can do better today than yesterday, and that tomorrow shall be better than today.

It pursues to improve what exists in the present circumstance.

It is a process of overhauling the entire office system to create more productive people who are willing to undergo changes through self-motivation, peer education, and actual meticulous practice that would hopefully generate a strong organization.

The Division 5S Committee is chaired and co-chaired by Dr. Florante M. Corpuz and  Dr. Cora T. Asa, respectively.-JDZ

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