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Division ICT orients DCP Batch 29-33

mlyblydcp29-33In order to achieve the strategic plans and directions of the Division ICT Plan and Division Strategic Plan particularly ICT4ed program, the Division of Malaybalay City conducted the 2-day Orientation/Briefing of recipient schools under DepEd Computerization Program (DCP) batches 29-33 last June 9-10 at Loizas Pavilion, Casisang Malaybalay City, participated by the seventy three (73) ICT coordinators from elementary and secondary schools in the Division of Malaybalay City. Continue reading Division ICT orients DCP Batch 29-33

ICT Integration in Teaching & Learning

The DepEd, Division of Malaybalay City intends to strengthen the implementation of the DepEd Computerization Program by supporting the enhanced basic education services through improved quality teaching and learning using ICT-integrated curriculum instruction. The Division Office conducted various trainings for the teachers in the development of interactive learning resources and utilization of online tools to effectively engage the learners in a learner-centered classroom situated in a constructive learning environment. Continue reading ICT Integration in Teaching & Learning

Accessibility of Technology of the Schools

Over the years, as the form of communication improved using the advancement of technology, there has always been a difficulty of classroom teachers to make the learners be involved in classroom instruction. As devices became smaller, more affordable and accessible to the masses, most learners have now basic knowledge on texting and on navigating the digital world. As their accessibility to information widen, the hunger for gathering interesting topics is also evident. To help learners and teachers maintain the interest of learning new things and help learners be involved in active learning in real world contexts, the Department of Education continuously provides ICT packages to schools and learning centers through its DepEd Computerization Program (DCP). Continue reading Accessibility of Technology of the Schools

Enhancing ICT Integration in BdNHS

Despite the advancement of the new technology, there are still teachers who avoid the use of computers in their teaching. Some find the use of computers as cumbersome, while others find it time consuming. The preparation of materials and the setting up of the computer and projector make them reluctant to use the new technology.  This dilemma of some teachers could raise questions like: Are teachers willing to learn how to use the computers? Would they need extensive training in the utilization of computers? Should they be provided laptops so that they would be motivated to learn and use the computers in their teaching?

Continue reading Enhancing ICT Integration in BdNHS

ICT Integration – A Breakthrough in Teaching

The rapid evolution of information and communication technology (ICT) is changing the face of education and making information universal. Realizing the effects of the ICT in the education system, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and Department of Education provided most of the schools with computer units and peripherals. Some of the teachers in these schools have undergone ICT trainings.

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