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Festivals as Makabayan Resource

Harnessing Community Festivals as Resource for Teaching Makabayan
By:  Ralph T. Quirog, MT II
EPS Designate in Social Studies, Division of Malaybalay City


Our country is unique since it is composed of different groups of people and it is known for its many Festivals celebrated in various parts of the archipelago.

Culture, Traditions and Festivals are alliance that help built artistry among students and in way develop a high sense of governance. The evolution of culture resulted in behavioral changes in the critical mass and made it possible to modify a cultural aspects or trait. Thus in order to propel our nation towards progress, we must encourage the Filipinos to be more mindful of our national culture and foster loyalty for our native land.

Through community Festivals, the young generation would be aware of the Filipino culture. In Festivals, one can learn the different art forms and dances which have been preserved from olden days a display of artworks and crafts made by our ancestors and the local contemporary artist. Thus, be able to appreciate Filipino talents and resourcefulness. We also learn music and dances of Filipino culture. We can hear music produced by tambols, kulintangs or kudyapi that showcase the folkways of our ancestors and the rich heritage of history.

Consequently, creativity and respect are formed to promote a wholesome environment for the people. By learning ones tradition and culture one can assimilate its benefits to create a community of unity, harmony and peace.  For instance, the Pahiyas Festival of Quezon, Moriones Festival of Marinduque are both to remember the Saints and the religiosity of Filipinos. The Kadayawan of Davao and the Kaamulan Festival of our Province of Bukidnon traces and features indigenous culture, beliefs and tradition like hunting, merry-making, planting, chanting and even praising their ancestors’ god Magbabaya for a bountiful harvest.

Culture is the sum of all arts of a country. It brings the best among Filipinos. Culture Festivities are highlights of students’ life. Learning culture exercise the students’ interaction to their moral and social environment for their own good. It greatly affects our economy and probably be catalyst for some people to engaged in trade fair or entrepreneurship during the long celebration.

Community Festivals may also impact the Technology & Livelihood Education (TLE) for students and Edukasyong Pantahanan Pangkabuhayan (EPP) for pupils where they learn a lot of livelihoods such as basket weaving, baking, accessories making, sewing and others. They will gain more with livelihood techniques, their finished products will be displayed during Community Festivals. The amount they earn for the entrepreneurship will be an additional income for the family.

Students and pupils do not have a difficulty in comprehending MAKABAYAN compared to the complicated concepts in English, Math & Science learning areas. Many people especially the youth are attracted to MAKABAYAN activities such as music, drama, dance & other cultural presentations. These performances are called Festivals as a whole. A single Kamikaze concert or a festive street dancing or theater could drain people out of their homes and deposit them into the gatherings. They watch really for entertainment but little do they do not know how much learning resource can be observed from it.

We would most understand festivals if we know where it come from. To understand the present, one must understand the past. Our ancestors were happy people. They have songs for every occasion. From these songs came out the incorporated movements which people mostly think as for enlivenment. Yes, these movements transform the songs into a dance but they really want to reflect in the steps are the expression of their moral principles and beliefs, in history, music, arts and values, they add costumes to have visual uniformity. In the props, their skills are being displayed especially in embroidering, beading and others.

Experiencing Festivals will allow the students to develop a sense of nationalism through deepened appreciation of Filipino Culture. Festivals could really give students and pupils a new MAKABAYAN learning experience; in fact it is a good learning resource.