Footprints Leave Legacies

Educational Institutions can carry out their goals specially   if the management is systematic and has the capacity to decide on   administrative matters. School Heads (SHs) will come-and-go but they leave     good memories and examples to their teachers and students.

It was January 8, 2013 when the School Head of Silae National High School announced that he will be transferred to a   school    nearer     to his home. He is a person of integrity and “maka-masa”. We learned lots of things from him– being on-time during activities and programs, attending flag ceremony, and giving reminders to everyone. During his administration, there was a big participation of the stakeholders because he strengthened the School Governing Council (SGC). Besides, he stressed during our first General Parents-Teachers Association (GPTA) meeting that “it takes the whole village to educate a child”. He further said “A school is not owned by the principal nor the teachers but it is a home for everybody which aims to produce graduates of high quality. This can be achieved through participation of the barangay council, legal organizations, parents, school head, people in the community, teachers, as well as the students”. He bade goodbye to everyone with tears during the despedida party.

January 10, 2013, a new face came to our school with a strong personality. He has a unique way of dealing with the teachers. He is a man of good principle. During our first faculty meeting/conference, he emphasized that an organization will succeed if there is teamwork and simplicity. “Don’t make things complicated”. That’s what he wanted. “Right communication to a right direction”, he added. He possesses the traits of an administrator, firm in all his decisions but very friendly specially to his teachers. During his time, students’ self-discipline and courtesy were enhanced. He is always willing to help. There were times when we were financially incapacitated– during the Division Meet, MTAP Challenge, STEP Conference, and other school-related activities but he spent even his personal money to solve the problems of the school. In his administration, the name of the school gained prestige and was recognized not only in the Division Office but also in the region because some of our students won in the contests specially in Araling Panlipunan, TLE, and in Sports, specifically Athletics. Emotionally and physically fatigue teachers regain their energy specially during the faculty conference because he has the sense of humor that makes us laugh/smile.

Aside from being the school principal, he is the Big Bro of our school. Due to an urgent need of an administrator/principal in Managok National High School, he received a designation order from our Schools Division Superintendent to report in the said school effective January 29, 2014.  The students and teachers had their despedida program last February, 2014 to express their heartfelt gratitude to him.

By: Rogelio M. Miñoza
      OIC – Silae NHS – St. Peter Annex