The WHYs of Government Procurement

One of the most challenging jobs in the government is the one that involves in procurement.  Procurement or simply, to purchase refers to the whole process of acquisition from third parties and covers goods, services, and infrastructure projects. My journey with the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) is no ordinary experience.  One has to study the Procurement Law by heart. He has to be very keen on the procedure and the timelines of the procurement activities. All members of the BAC shall be on a “jury duty” type of assignment in order to complete the entire procurement process at the earliest possible time.  “Jury duty” means a state by which the members give utmost priority to BAC assignment over all the other duties and responsibilities until the requirements for the said assignments at hand are completed. Continue reading The WHYs of Government Procurement

Learning Resource Portal

Teaching, aside from being said as the noblest profession is yet among the most challenging professions there is.

Teachers have been challenged and equipped to make a difference in the lives of every learner. This, however, could never be made easy due to certain factors i.e. the lack of enough and proper learning resources. There are foreseen struggles in terms of producing or developing their resources that will align with the subject; competencies and will correspond to the needs of the learners. Continue reading Learning Resource Portal

Learning Resource Monitoring and Evaluation with the Partnership of ICT Unit

The Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) through its Learning Resource Management and Development Section with the Partnership of ICT Unit shall conduct 1. Learning Resource Monitoring and Evaluation, 2. Monitoring on the school readiness of the DepEd Computerization Program (DCP) and 3. DCP Utilization from August 7 to November 7, 2018, in all elementary, junior, and senior high schools in this division. Continue reading Learning Resource Monitoring and Evaluation with the Partnership of ICT Unit

Printa Para Edukasyon (PRIPE)

Printa Para Sa Edukasyon Project (PriPE) is to provide printed Instructional Materials (IM’s). Curriculum Guide (CG’s) and Learning Resources (LR’s). This project is to support and provide printed materials for teachers and learners. But the materials and equipment, it will depend on the allocation of the financial assistance of the National Government Agency (NGA), Local Government Unit (LGU). Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). Business Company, Senator, Congressman, and Local Officials. Continue reading Printa Para Edukasyon (PRIPE)

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