Busdi IS Embarks Cyber World

busdi is e-room 11Busdi Integrated School has embarked the cyber world with the establishment of its E-Room last November 6, 2013 as recipient of Batch 19 E-Room Package under the Computerization Program of the Department of Education. Fifty (50) sets of computers, comprising 1 main server, 7 sub-servers, 42 working stations, 3 in 1 printers which were delivered by the Columbia Technologies, Inc. (CTI), the service provider and was installed by the technicians from the Microtrade Center, Malaybalay City.

The school administrator is grateful of the help extended to by the Barangay Council headed by Honorable Barangay Captain Nestor Dumala with his very active and hardworking Chairman of the Education Committee, Honorable Kagawad Rogelo “Dilo” Meliston who really worked closely with the school administrator since the revision of schools’ Annual Procurement Plan to accommodate the needs of this major project, preparation of the Program of Works, construction of furniture needed in setting up and installation of the equipment. It was a long and tedious process but all worth the efforts exerted.”

After the installation, the school head, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in charge, property custodian and teachers were given hands-on seminar for them to know the basic operation or skills needed in the utilization of these equipment. These include booting, accessing software programs through the server and sub-servers, re-channeling or networking all working stations to the server through N-Computing device, minor trouble shooting, keeping track and controlling of the information or site accessed by the students in every station through chatting and broadcasting teacher’s slide and video presentation such that every student can access it in their respective monitors. Moreover, the computer contains educational program that will immerse and aloe students to develop basic or eventually develop advance computer skills.

busdi is e-room 21Having the E-Room is the most significant event that happened in school. It paves the way of introducing our school to cyber world and revolutionizes the teaching and learning process. It shifts teachers’ perspective on how they see the teaching and learning process. It’s a total break away from traditional chalk-talk to the most exciting, interesting and engaging type of teaching and learning process. It’s something that can change the way the pupils learn not merely by listening but in fact through actual manipulation and independent study” ,said the principal.

Evidently, the students manifested eagerness in coming to school and have shown change in their behavior. In fact, they’re so engrossed to use the computers which would somehow change what and how they learn and can use it as they move to the next educational ladder.

busdi is e-room 31Roxanne Jucamis, a 4th year student commented, “Nagpasalamat me at least dili na’mi behind sa taga centro/syudad in terms sa paggamit sa Computer dayon daghan og tanan pami makagamit.” while Angelica Dumala from grade 8 related, “Maau kay diha na’mi mag encode sa amo mga projects and other paper works”.

To facilitate coordinated use of E-room, the in-charge prepared a schedule which will be regularly followed by the teachers and students. This is to ensure that all the teachers will be able incorporate the use of ICT to improve their way of teaching and to give students enough opportunities to grow intellectually through computers.

The school personnel, staff and students couldn’t contain their overwhelming happiness that finally the E-room equipment which they used to imagine is now in sight and available for use.

While this ICT equipment brought the school to another height of learning, it posed a big responsibility of maintaining and keeping it to serve more batches of students to come.