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BAC Document Monitoring Sheet in the Division of Malaybalay

The Bids and Awards Committee Document Monitoring Sheet (BAC – DMS) was conceptualized aligned with the Project and Programs adopted in the Division Strategic Plan, “Tamang Bidding Paigtingin” (Strict Adherence to R.A. 9184 to minimize complaints on Procurement). It will reduce, if not totally eliminate, the delay in processing BAC documents in DepEd Malaybalay City Division. Continue reading BAC Document Monitoring Sheet in the Division of Malaybalay

The Government Procurement Reform Act: An Insight

Having worked with the Bids and Awards Committee at the Local Government Unit of Malaybalay City for 3 years and having been introduced to various procurement processes in the government, it really interests me to listen on discussions about R.A. 9184 also known as the Government Procurement Reform Act. This was one of the topics during the Seminar I attended at Cagayan De Oro City.

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MCD Orients Newly Legislated Secondary Schools on Procurement Law

bac orientationA one-day orientation to the Head of Procuring Entity, Bids and Awards Committee and School Inspectorate Team of the four (4) newly legislated secondary schools (R.A. No. 10633 General Appropriations Act Fiscal Year 2014) namely, Malaybalay City National High School (formerly BNHS San Jose Annex), Malaybalay City National Science High School (formerly BNHS Aglayan Annex), Casisang National High School (formerly BNHS Casisang Annex) and Kalasungay National High School (formerly BNHS Kalasungay Extension) was conducted by the Division Bids and Awards Committee last February 11 at DOST Building, Bukidnon National High School, Malaybalay City.

The activity was initiated by Schools Division Superintendent, Edilberto L. Oplenaria, with the aim to promote good governance, transparency and accountability in the said schools.  Mr. Pariso L Orong, Principal IV of the mother school (Bukidnon National High School) gave a welcoming remark to all the participants with a reminder to the newly constituted School BAC, SIT and HOPE to be very careful in affixing their signature in any document especially when it involves government funds.

Mr. Ralph T. Quirog, Division BAC Chairman/EPS in Social Studies gave an overview on the GPRA (R.A. No. 9184-Government Procurement Reform Act) and Dr. Jutchel L. Nayra, Division BAC Vice Chairman/Administrative Officer V discussed on the General Provisions. Ms. Analy L. Ocier, Division BAC Member/EPS in Science lectured on the Procurement Planning and Budget Linkages and Ms. Sibyl L. Maputi, Head of Division BAC Secretariat/Administrative Officer III discussed on the Alternative Modes of Procurement. Ms. Rosie A. Salupado, Division BAC Member/Guidance Coordinator talked about Procurement Service Flow of Operations.

In the afternoon, Dr. Anna Belen S. Muring, Division BAC Secretariat/EPS in Private Schools lectured about Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS). Ms. Josie D. Zamora, Division Inspectorate Team Chairman/EPS Designate discussed on the roles of the School Inspectorate Team. Mr. Luis S. Alajar Jr., Division Chair of TWG/EPS in TLE talked about offenses and its corresponding penalties per RA 9184 giving emphasis on the six years and one day as minimum and fifteen years as maximum penalty for crimes committed under this law.

A workshop spearheaded by Ms. Florabelle R. Porras, Division BAC Member/Records In-Charge and Mr. Paul John P. Arias, Division BAC Secretariat/Planning Officer II was conducted thereafter.  The output of the participants was presented and generally it was close to perfection. It was overwhelming that the participants learned quickly and manifested their eagerness to apply what they learned in the orientation to the actual conduct of procurement.

A School Head will be downloaded in full their school MOOE which will be utilized for the maintenance and operations of the school (pursuant to DepEd Order No. 60, s. 2011).  Hence, the purpose of the orientation is to fully equip the School Head, the School BAC and SIT in handling and safeguarding the coffers of the Philippine government. With this, the Bids and Awards Committee ought to exercise jury duty in carrying out their roles and functions.

As one of its governing principles, public officials and private parties whenever warranted are investigated to ensure the accountability aspect of the procurement process. Nevertheless, the procurement law is easy to follow because its process is streamlined to be simple and uniform in all levels of the government. It is adaptable to the latest advances in technology as evidenced by the use of electronic posting of bid opportunities and awards in the PhilGEPS website. It is transparent because of wide dissemination of bid opportunities and participation of the public is encouraged as part of monitoring. When the bid opportunities are widely disseminated, competitiveness will come in and when there is competition and transparency, the price most advantageous to the government is obtained. 

By: Sibyl L. Maputi, Administrative Officer III

MCD Strengthens its Practice on Transparency & Accountability

bac-pic1A One- Day Orientation on the Roles and Functions of Head of Procuring Entity (HOPE), Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) and School Inspectorate Team (SIT) for the Effective Implementation of RA 9184 was conducted on October 30 (Batch 1) and October 31(Batch 2) at Loizas Pavilion, Casisang, Malaybalay City, October 30 &31.

To simulate how to establish transparency, accountability, equity, efficiency and economy in the procurement process and to learn different modes of procurement, flow of operations of procurement service as well as the preparation of resolutions and the importance and the use of PhilGEPS are the main objectives of the activity.

The participants were the: six (6) PSDSs, 53 School Heads (Elem. & Secondary), 69 School BAC Chairs, 138 School BAC Members, 69 School Inspectorates and 20 Division Office Personnel. The North, South and West Districts attended the first batch on October 30 while Secondary, East, Central and Far East Districts were in second batch October 31.

The Schools Division Superintendent of Malaybalay City Edilberto L. Oplenaria initiated this bac-pic2One Day Orientation so that School heads in this Division will observe smooth and orderly procurement in their respective schools. The Speakers were Ralph T. Quirog, EPS in Social Studies/Division BAC chair, Jasmin J. Adriatico, EPS in ALS BAC Member, Analy L. Ocier, EPS in Science/BAC Member, Rosie A. Salupado, Division Coordinator/BAC Member, Ana Belen S. Muring, Ph.D., EPS in Private School/BAC Secretariat, Sibyl L. Maputi, Supply Officer/BAC Secretariat and Luis S. Alajar, Jr. EPS in TLE/ TWG.

The Secretariat and Facilitators of the 2-day activity were Lou-Ann J. Cultura, EPS MAPEH, Ma. Concepcion S. Reyes, EPS Filipino, Florabelle R. Porras, Records Officer, Paul John P. Arias, Planning Officer, Rhysa Cyle C. Rosalejos,CPA, Accountant II  , Rufelia J. Limbengco, Cashier II, Jutchel L. Nayra, DPA, Administrative Officer and Josie D. Zamora, EPS Designate in English.

One of the participants, Romil T. Jabonero, Principal II of Malaybalay City Central School said, “this orientation is a timely solution to the problems besetting procurement in the school level. Thanks to the Schools Division Superintendent and the Division personnel for the opportunity to learn procurement.” (more photos… Batch 1 | Batch 2)

R.T.Quirog, EPS/BAC Chair

Malaybalay City Division beefs up BAC

20131002_150427aThe Bids and Awards Committee (BAC) of Deped Malaybalay City attended the 3-day Training on Procurement Law and Philippine Bidding Documents conducted on September 30-October 2 and October 15-18 at COA Region XI Training Hall, Davao City. The seminar focused in developing the capability of the BAC in implementing and enforcing the procurement law.

SDS Edilberto L. Oplenaria nominated all the BAC members, BAC-Technical Working Group (TWG), and BAC Secretariats to attend the trainings on separate schedules. Participants during the first batch are: Ralph Quirog (BAC Chairman), Jutchel L. Nayra (BAC Vice-Chairman), Jasmin J. Adriatico (BAC Member), Rosie Salupado (BAC Member), Florabelle Porras (BAC Member), and Sibyl Maputi (BAC-Head Secretariat). While, Analy Ocier and Maria Concepcion Reyes (BAC Members), Luis Alajar, Jr. and Lou-Ann Cultura (BAC TWG), Ana Belen Muring, Ph.D. and Paul John Arias (BAC Secretariats) participated the second batch.

The training started with an overview of the general provisions of Republic Act No. 9184 20131017_170654aotherwise known as “Government Procurement Reform Act” and its Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR). Succeeding topics include the following: procurement planning and budget linkage; bidding procedures and contract implementation; provisions for the procurement of infra projects, goods and services, and consulting services; alternative mode of procurement; GPPB updates, latest issuances, and Supreme Court decisions related to procurement, Administrative Order No. 17; and, offenses and penalties.

With the benefits gained, the BAC extended their gratitude to SDS Oplenaria, Head of the Procuring Entity (HOPE), and to the Commission on Audit-Government Procurement Policy Board (COA-GPPB) accredited trainors for this training as imperative in the professionalization of the BAC, BAC-TWG, and BAC Secretariat as mandated by law. Certainly, this training enhanced the capability of the BAC in the implementation and enforcement of the procurement law.

The resource speakers were accredited trainors of the GPPB, namely: Noemi P. Wong, Ariel Lagmay, and Vivien G. Jumao-as from COA Region XI, Davao City. Participants came from the national government, LGUs, and other government agencies within Mindanao.

By: Jutchel L. Nayra, DPA
      Administrative Officer V