On Working Hard, Working Well, and Loving Your Work

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.  And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. – Steve Jobs

I started my government service on January of 2002.  I heard then of people saying it is good to join in the government service because there is no pressure at work.  Less work, and more relax time.  I am saying it now that they were wrong.  Not in the Department of Education and not me!

My journey in this so called public service is of no joke.  It is really a great bed of roses that I handled the thorns with extra care.  Trials and difficulties are great too. Our days are tried at times that sometimes the feeling of surrendering and giving up popped up in mind.  I always aim for the best but I am far from perfection.  I have flaws of my own.  I fall short many times. Difficulties and challenges come and go. 

Working hard, loving my work, and drawing strength from God is my mantra in life.  Working hard and working well because I counted everything as a blessing. I considered this as a great blessing and as great opportunity to serve as well.  It is my act or way of returning back the favor God has bestowed on me since my existence.  Though sometimes I can hear people complaining or seemingly unsatisfied of the services rendered that I considered it my best.  Perhaps my best was just not good enough.  With all the difficulties I encountered along the way, I earnestly prayed and asked God for strength to get through it.  Come to the altar and bend your knees because God is much bigger than whatever problem may come.  Have a humble heart to come to Him in joy and in sorrow. Though stress is undeniable but it is lesser when you give them all to Him. As I always claimed, I am loved by HIM.  I am blessed beyond measure even if I do not deserve.

Relate to everyone fair and square.  Regardless of color, social status, have only one standard. Though sometimes there are really people who are so hard to deal with.  I do not get mad right away, instead I listen to them and try to understand them.  I do not know what they’ve gone through. It doesn’t necessarily mean that I have all the ideas in giving advice but many times some people just need an ear to listen.  If it is dissatisfaction of services, I listen as well.  I use that as a tool to re-evaluate myself and find where and what to improve to better serve them.   As long as I work hard, I work well, I abide in the rules, and laws that govern our public service, accept corrections with humility, amend my flaws and then, will always be on the right track.  The key is working hard, working well, loving your work and draw strength from GOD to be a good if not a better public servant.

Guia Ma. G. Villahermosa
AO IV-Personnel