Three Takeaways from the Crown Pandemic

In the advent of this coronavirus pandemic, the entire world seemed to move in its slowest pace. What is used to be normal drastically became peculiar. Economies are down, businesses are discontinued, traditional works set-up is no longer convenient, families apart, lives are lost, and safety became the primary concern of all.

This phenomenon teaches us three life lessons from these famous sayings:

Health is Wealth

A healthy person, regardless of his social status, is capable of living a happier and peaceful life than any rich ailing person. People are so busy and consumed with all the luxuries of this world not until these community lockdowns and quarantines happened. Just like a snap of a finger, everything has turned into a different view of the world. People stay at home to live instead of going to work and make a living. Leisure and travels become hospital confinements. Fashion becomes wearing of protective suits instead of fancy clothing. Shopping becomes receipt of relief food packs from the government instead of buying them directly from the malls. This pandemic reminds us that we should put high regard on our physical well-being. Our health influences our capabilities to enjoy the wealth we have. Hence, the real treasure of a person is his health.

Time is Gold

Just like our life, time is priceless. All the material things we trade our time for can be regained, but when time itself is gone, it can never be reproduced. Amidst the growing pandemic fears and restrictions, this is the period where relationships with families and loved ones matter most, and the quality of time spent is more valuable over its quantity. It is an opportunity for us to set our priorities, to strengthen familial bonds, and to reconnect and communicate with family members through whatever means. This crisis teaches us to manage and spend our time wisely and save ourselves from regrets.

This Too Shall Pass

This may sound common but the only thing that remains constant is change. Nothing good or bad lasts forever. Even in this awful situation, we are still assured that there is hope beyond uncertainties. With each crisis, we learn and adapt. This pandemic also teaches us to redirect our perspectives and be optimistic for things to get better. After all, the only option we have is to move forward and entrust everything to God’s providence.

      Administrative Assistant III